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Comparative Observations

Comparative Observations
1 Check for extra WHITE, LIGHTNESS, ODURLESS & TASTELESS quality Normally it is OFFWHITE, LESS RIGHT with some ODOUR & UNKNOWN taste.
2 DANGEROUS HEAVY METAL IMPURITIES are totally ABSENT DANGEROUS HEAVY METAL IMPURITIES like As, Pb, Ni,Co, etc and thiocynite normally PRESENT in exceeds limit
3 Trace of dye material & AMMONIA ABSENT totally. It is PRESENT in ppm level & HARMFUL to the HUMAN BODY.
4 VERY FINE SIZE particle distribution without any HARD LUMP / PARTICLE. Hard particles are PRESENT & UNEVEN PARTICLE size distribution.
5 Look for ISO 9001:2000 quality management system & accreditation which we have obtained. Normally you would not find it with manufacturer of this quality material.
6 Look for our registered TRADE MARK R “O’MACARB” on our packing bags. No such TRADE MARK will be there.
7 Always purchase our quality material from AUTHORIZED DEALER only as we have APPOINTED REPUTED COMPANIES in every region of our country. No such arrangement will be there.
8 Price is higher due to use of SODA ASH. Price is lower due to use of WASTE LIQUOR.
9 Always look for day to day tags with  mfg. date or lot no. and insist for company’s test report of the supplied material. You will not find it.
10 You will find pure HDPE laminated bag (Wt. 180 gm.) with liner PP or MIXED LOW VALUE thin bag (Wt. 140-150 gm.) without liner
11 VERY LIGHT and size 30” X 54 “  can’t go more than 300 Bags / Truck. VERY HEAVY of less light, bag size  28” X 48”, 28” X 50”, 30” X 50” if bag size big then appear half and easily go more than 350 to 450 Bag / Truck.
12 MOISTURE absorbing power is MORE MOISTURE absorbing power is  Very LESS
13 With use of our O’MACARB TEXTURE, TASTE SMELL remains as it is after long time storage Note : You can test above by eating gutkha after 30 days and you will feel as it is fresh & manufactured today Here in short time your valuable flavor taste getting spoiled. Note : You can test above by eating gutkha after 30 days and you will feel as it is manufactured 1 year before.