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Manufacturing Process of Magnesium Carbonate

The bittern of 29° Be is taken into Reaction Vessel and reacted with by adding the solution of Soda Ash. This chemical reaction will lead to precipitation of Magnesium Carbonate. The precipitated Magnesium Carbonate is further hydrolyzed, filtered, washed and dried. Dried lumps are than pulverized. After completion of this step, the final product will be obtained in the form of white light powder. This final product i.e. white light powder is ready for dispatch.

Osian Marine Chemicals Pvt.Ltd
We are Manufacturing magnesium carbonate only from SODA Ash. Which is pure & free from any impurities like.

e.g : Ammonia, Thiocynite and Heavy metal like lead, Mercury, Iron, Arcenic, Copper, cobalt, which is totally absent in our product