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Detection of Ammonia & Heavy Metal Impurities

Method For Detection Of Ammonia & Hazardous Impurities From Magnesium Carbonate

This packet contains 2 bottles A & B in bottle a half with mineral water and chemical in dissolve well and full with water and stirr. Stand by it. This is A reagent Same way prepare regent B.


In empty glass take one teaspoon of MAGNESIUM CARBONATE and half glass water and stir well. First add reagent A approx 2 teaspoons full and srirr, Than add reagent B approx 2 teaspoons.

If color not changes (Remains white): MgCO3 Original (made from Soda Ash)

If color changed (From white to pale yellow): Mixing of materials + Original + Duplicate (NH4-MgCO3)

If color changed (From white to dark yellow or brown): 100% Duplicate MgCO3 Ammonia & other Impurities present

Note: -
  • While preparing regent, they are hot so stand by for an hour then use it.
  • Above product is developed in AMS Fine Chemicals so,You can ask in our company only