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Uses Of Magnesium Hydroxide

  • As flame or fire retardant filler with various applications in Thermoplastics, Electronics & Electrical devices, Wires & cables, Building & construction material in composite panels, roofing components, insulation materials, Transportation airlines, trains & automobiles.
  • In food products as Acidity regulator and pH adjuster. It is key ingredient in pectin based biodegradable packaging or edible films or foils especially in canned foods.
  • As fuel additive to treat heavy fuel oils and crude oils due to its fine particle size in power gas turbines. It prevents gas turbines from corrosion by treating the vanadium and sulphur gases emissions.
  • In replacement of caustic soda in chemical pulp bleaching process which reduces the cost of the process by providing higher yield and it also maintains brightness and physical properties.
  • In Cosmetic industry as pH controller, Absorbent, Buffering agent, neutralizing agent in bath products, hair & skin care products. It is also used in various sunscreens.
  • Our Magnesium Hydroxide is used in ceramic glaze process.
  • In Pharmaceutical industry as Active pharmaceutical ingredient in formulation of Antacid tablets & syrups.
  • Our Technical grade is used for various industrial applications.
  • As replacement of Calcium Hydroxide & Caustic Soda which is cost effective and gives high yield with low sludge. It is non-hazardous, eco-friendly, safe and cost effective.